The Slow Solopreneur

Hi. I'm Mila. I am in my early 30's, building slow wealth through solopreneurship. From SEO and marketing, through slow hustle and slow life topics, this blog has only one goal:

To document my path to Wealth and Freedom as a Solopreneur

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About The Slow Solopreneur

Mila Chervenkova - The Slow Solopreneur

You already know my name. But it may take more time to get to know my personality; introverts are hard to get sometimes. But I hope that the work I plan to put through The Slow Solopreneur will be sufficient to show whether I am "a good man in a storm."

Expect this website to change often. I am a big Kanban and Agile fan; thus, experimentation, feedback, and continuous improvement are part of this website's growth.

Let's rock together!


The 4 Concepts Ingrained in My Life Philosophy

SLOW Solopreneurship

Slow Solopreneurship is an approach of building a business gradually and sustainably, without rushing or sacrificing personal well-being. It involves focusing on quality over quantity, prioritizing sustainability and personal fulfillment, and cultivating a strong community of supporters and customers.


Slow Hustle focuses on slow and steady growth through consistent effort and perseverance. Rather than trying to make quick money, Slow Hustlers prioritize developing skills, building relationships, and creating a sustainable business over time. The goal is to achieve financial independence while pursuing work that aligns with their passion and values.


Slow Wealth is a financial approach focused on building wealth gradually over time through sustainable investments, frugal living, and long-term planning. It emphasizes the importance of patience, consistency, and responsible financial behavior to achieve financial security and independence.


Slow Life is a lifestyle focused on reducing the pace of daily life and enjoying the present moment. It emphasizes mindfulness, simplicity, well-being, and a connection to nature. Slow Life advocates for slowing down and taking time to appreciate the small things in life, rather than rushing through each day.


Get My FREE Notion Template for Tracking Your Investment Portfolio and Net Worth