One month ago (22.06.2021), I bought my first premium-aged domain from for $780.

One of my direct competitors in one of the niches I operate was beating the hell out of me for one specific country.

Our websites are multilingual, aka we have a specific landing page for every country we try to rank.

My competitor was outperforming my website in general, but for one specific country, he was stealing all the traffic.

And that specific country was driving big commission because they have huge buying power (it’s not the USA) and I've seen the total amount of orders they make.

Moreover, one month ago, my domain rating (DR) was 12, and my competitor’s was 36.

From analyzing their backlink profile, I saw that they have two very strong domains, 301 redirected to the root domain. This led me to search for an aged domain and test their 301 tactics.

Because I am an active subscriber to almost all newsletters on niche websites, I remember that there was a name of service for premium-aged domains circulating in our marketing circle.

I dug the name, and to my surprise, I already had access, apparently, I’ve already subscribed for the service months ago. The service is, and I wasted no time buying my first domain.

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How about Some Luck

I don’t know what the chances are to be looking for an aged domain in a specific and not that popular language and to find it but to be damned, I found it. And it was the only aged domain in that language. 

Maybe sometimes luck is the thing in life that comes at the right moment and whispers to you, “spend the cash, buy it, try it, that’s how you wanted to live?”

Yes, that’s how I want to live - for the Now. Boom, with two clicks, the domain was mine.

What Is Specific about the Domains Offered by Odys?

1) Domains are kept alive

Unlike most domains you can buy on, for example, the domains you can buy on Odys are kept alive throughout the entire time.

Translated, this means that domains are accessible by humans and spiders, such as Google. They are crawlable, and most of the backlinks still exist. 

2) Domains have backlinks from very strong and authoritative websites within the same niche and language

Each domain I’ve checked on Odys has backlinks from super strong domains, such as news websites, where it’s hard to get a backlink through outreach.

These are the type of news websites that don’t accept guest posts, and if you receive a backlink from them, it is because they decided to do so, not because you pitched an article.

3) Domains are very old, and that’s how we like them

The domains on Odys are old (aged). You can easily find a ten-year-old domain. The one I bought is 23 years old. Google loves aged domains.

4) Odys has data and monetization tips

When you open any domain on Odys, you will see a well-detailed summary of the most important aspects of each domain, including recommendations on how to monetize each domain.

5) Professional logo

Each domain comes with a professionally designed logo.

6) Unbeatable support

For me, the most important aspect of a service isn’t the price but the support. I don’t care how cheap the service is if the support is bad. I am okay with paying for premium service if this means exceptional support. Odys’s support is very kind, responsive, and quick to help.

Receive 100 EUR/USD welcome bonus from ODYS is the best place to buy expired domains. The domains offered on are carefully selected, checked, and verified by Odys' team. These are aged websites, which have already gain Google's trust. Building a niche website on an aged domain is an opportunity to rank faster and bigger. This is an exclusive, limited ODYS GLOBAL invitation offer. All new accounts are manually vetted by ODYS compliance. Newly approved members get a 100 EUR/USD welcome bonus.

Here Are the Details about the Domain I Bought

Let’s breakdown the details about the domain I bought.

  • Price: $780 (incl. 20% VAT)
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Language: a non-English website
  • Domain Rating (Ahrefs): 23
  • The number of referring domains: 117; 100 out of 117 are do-follow.
  • Here is a breakdown by their DR
  • DR 100-90: 5
  • DR 89-80: 7
  • DR 79-70: 9
  • DR 69-60: 9
  • DR 59-50: 8
  • DR 49-40: 3
  • DR 39-20: 24
  • DR 19-2: 35
  • Organic traffic: 0-10
  • Niche relevant: Yes
  • Backlinks from language-specific domain extensions: 45 (do-follow)

Here Is What I Did with the Aged Domain I Bought from Odys

Usually, aged domains are bought for two reasons:

1) To create a new website on the aged domain 

The aim here is to take advantage of the already existing links and authority on the aged domain so you can rank faster than if you had to create a website from scratch.

2) To make 301 redirections from the aged domain to your already existing website

The aim here is to inherit the already existing links from the aged domain to your already existing website. If the backlinks are of great quality, it will most probably boost your domain rating and ranking positions up in the ladder.

I bought the aged domain for only one reason - to make a 301 redirection and hopefully boost my DR by inheriting the already existing backlinks. And this is exactly what I did. I redirected the aged domain to my already existing domain. 

Since my website is multilingual, I had to redirect the aged domain to the relevant language page. It is ideal if you can redirect the aged domain to your root domain.

I plan to buy another aged domain from Odys, and this time I will redirect the aged domain to my root domain. But I'll wait another month or two.

The Results: One Month after I Bought and Redirected the Aged Domain from Odys

  • Domain Rating increased from DR12 to DR31 (Ahrefs' metric).
  • Linking domains increased from 272 to 401.
  • Organic traffic increased from 570 monthly visitors to currently between 780-1500 visitors per month (it's highly volatile niche in terms of ranking and traffic).
  • Organic keywords increased from 780 to 1015.
  • The monthly income for July increased by ~30%.

Note on the relation between Traffic and Income:

I want to note that the website is in a niche, where every second visitor brings commissions.

Even the slightest increase in traffic significantly increases the monthly income from this website.

Moreover, the niche is super competitive, so any increase in traffic is "a big deal."

Cost Per Acquired Link: Price Breakdown

So for $780, I received 100 backlinks. Averagely, one link costs $7.8.

Should I mention that there isn’t even a link-building service that offers links from domains with DR 100-90?

Should I mention that links from foreign websites (non-English) cost almost twice the price of English links? 

Should I say that there isn’t a way to build 100 links for $780 even if I decide to buy 100 low-quality links from a PBN?

The number and quality of links I received for $780 are unbeatable. Period.

p.s The results for this case study are still in-progress. Expect updates as I gather more data with time.

Receive 100 EUR/USD welcome bonus from ODYS

This is an exclusive, limited ODYS GLOBAL invitation offer. All new accounts are manually vetted by ODYS compliance. Newly approved members get a 100 EUR/USD welcome bonus.

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