Inspiration is perishable—act on it immediately. – Naval

I used to be a saver—a cheap one.

Today I’m a spender—however, a frugal one.

I used to save for the things I will buy in 5-10 years.

These days, I save to invest in “Creating Today.”

This weekend, I binge-read “The Alamanack of Naval Ravikant” by Eric Jorgenson (Thank you, Eric).

Not that I haven’t read his tweets and interviews before. 

Bit by bit, I’ve absorbed his wisdom. 

And not because Naval is wealthy and famous, but because he is a happy person.

I want to be surrounded by happy people. I need people who align with my happiness.

And here I reread my favorite part.

The Present Is All We Have

There is actually nothing but this moment. No one has ever gone back in time, and no one has ever been able to successfully predict the future in any way that matters. Literally, the only thing that exists is this exact point where you are in space at the exact time you happen to be here. 

Like all great profound truths, it’s all paradoxes. Any two points are infinitely different. Any moment is perfectly unique. Each moment itself slips by so quickly you can’t grab it.

You’re dying and being reborn at every moment. It’s up to you whether to forget or remember that.

I used to save as I will live an eternity. 

These days, I consume just enough so I can take a step further and Create my Today.

I realized that the only real thing in my life is the moment I am writing these letters, and the moment you will be reading them.

I will go to bed and thank the Almighty that I had the chance to wake up and go to bed that same day. 

But whether I will wake up? I don’t know. I can only pray for it. 

“The present is all we have” is enlightenment I understood some five years ago. 

This was when I realized that I have to act now so I can create my Today.

The way I smell the air I breathe and the way I see the sultry rays of the Sun – it all comes to the choices I make.

The importance of creating today falls on our shoulders. 

And if the air you breathe smells corrupt, and the Sun’s rays doesn’t reach your eyes, then there is a chance that someone else is creating your Today.

Don’t live someone else’s day. It’s not a worthy life.

You can have yours. 

This is the importance of Creating Today.


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