Medium Glossary 2024 

Medium is a popular online publishing platform and social media website where users can read, write, and interact with articles and blog posts. It was founded in 2012 by Evan Williams, who previously co-founded Twitter.

  1. Medium: A popular online publishing platform that allows users to write, share, and discover articles.
  2. Story: A piece of content or article published on Medium.
  3. Publication: A collection of stories on Medium organized around a specific theme or topic. (ref.: blogging glossary)
  4. Clap: Medium’s way of showing appreciation for a story; users can clap for a story to indicate they enjoyed it.
  5. Response: Comments or written reactions to a story on Medium.
  6. Stats: Analytics and statistics related to the performance of a Medium story, including views, reads, and claps.
  7. Curation: The process by which Medium’s editorial team selects and features high-quality stories on the platform.
  8. Partner Program: Medium’s program that allows writers to earn money based on engagement with their stories.
  9. Tag: A keyword or label added to a story to help categorize and discover content on Medium.
  10. Bookmark: Saving a story to read later or reference; similar to “favoriting” on other platforms.
  11. Friend Link: A special link that allows non-Medium members to access and read members-only stories.
  12. Profile: A user’s personal page on Medium where their stories, claps, and responses are displayed.
  13. Draft: An unpublished story that writers can work on before deciding to publish it.
  14. Editor: The writing interface on Medium where users compose and format their stories.
  15. Custom Domain: Using a personalized web domain for a Medium publication or profile. (ref.: domain glossary)
  16. Network: The community of users and writers on Medium who follow and engage with each other’s content.
  17. Top Writer: A recognition given by Medium to prolific and high-quality writers in specific topics.
  18. Highlight: A feature allowing readers to select and highlight specific portions of a Medium story.
  19. Import: Bringing content from external sources into Medium for publishing.
  20. Popularity: A metric on Medium indicating how well a story is performing based on views, reads, and engagement.
  21. Editor’s Picks: Stories selected by Medium’s editorial team for special recognition and visibility.
  22. Membership: Subscribing to a publication on Medium for exclusive content and benefits.
  23. Notification: Alerts or updates about new activity, responses, or stories on Medium.
  24. Newsletter: A periodic email sent by Medium publications to their subscribers. (ref.: email newsletter glossary)
  25. Distribution: The reach and visibility a story achieves on Medium.
  26. Formatting: The arrangement and styling of text, images, and other elements within a Medium story.
  27. Reading List: A collection of stories saved by a user to read later.
  28. Profile Badge: An icon or label indicating a writer’s achievements or affiliations on Medium.
  29. Engagement: Interaction and involvement with a story, including claps, reads, and responses.
  30. Embed: Integrating a Medium story or publication into an external website or blog.
Medium Glossary Page

Medium allows users to create and publish articles that can be discovered by other users through a social media-like feed or by searching for specific topics or tags. It also features a “clap” system, where readers can show their appreciation for an article by clicking a clap button multiple times. Medium also offers a paid subscription service, where users can access exclusive content and features, as well as support the writers they follow. It has become a popular platform for bloggers, journalists, and writers to share their ideas and stories with a wide audience.