Facebook Glossary 2024 

Facebook is a social networking platform that allows users to connect with friends and family, share updates and photos, and discover and engage with content from other users and businesses.

  1. Facebook: A prominent social media platform that enables users to connect, share content, and engage with friends, family, businesses, and communities through features such as profiles, timelines, and news feeds. (ref.: social media glossary)
  2. Profile: Personal page for an individual user.
  3. Timeline: A chronological display of a user’s Facebook activity.
  4. News Feed: The main page displaying updates from friends and pages.
  5. Status Update: A post sharing personal thoughts or activities.
  6. Like: Expressing approval or acknowledgment of a post.
  7. Comment: Adding remarks to a post or status.
  8. Share: Reposting someone else’s content on your own timeline.
  9. Tagging: Identifying and linking another user in a post or photo.
  10. Friend Request: A request to connect with another user on Facebook.
  11. Friend: A user with whom you are mutually connected on Facebook.
  12. Unfriend: Removing a user from your list of friends.
  13. Privacy Settings: Controls to manage who sees your content.
  14. Page: A public profile for businesses, organizations, or public figures.
  15. Like Page: Subscribing to updates from a Facebook page.
  16. Follow: Receiving public updates from a user without being friends.
  17. Facebook Groups: Communities for people with common interests.
  18. Event: A gathering or occasion created on Facebook.
  19. Check-in: Sharing your location with a post.
  20. Facebook Messenger: Facebook’s instant messaging app.
  21. Facebook Live: Broadcasting live video on Facebook.
  22. Facebook Watch: A platform for watching video content on Facebook.
  23. Reaction: Expressing emotions through various reactions (Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry).
  24. Facebook Ads: Paid advertising to reach a specific audience.
  25. Boost Post: Paying to increase the reach of a specific post.
  26. Algorithm: Determines the content shown in the News Feed.
  27. Facebook Business Manager: A tool for managing business-related activities on Facebook.
  28. Profile Badge: A widget to promote your Facebook profile on other websites.
  29. Messenger Rooms: Video conferencing within the Messenger app.
  30. Explore Feed: A section for discovering new content and pages.
  31. Facebook Dating: A feature for connecting with potential romantic partners.
  32. Memories: Recollections of past posts and activities on Facebook.
  33. Legacy Contact: A person chosen to manage your account after you pass away.
  34. Facebook Analytics: Insights into the performance of your Facebook content.
  35. Facebook Marketplace: A platform for buying and selling items locally.
  36. Facebook for Creators: Tools for content creators on the platform.
  37. Facebook Blueprint: Online training for advertising on Facebook.
  38. Facebook Safety Check: A feature to mark yourself safe during a crisis.
  39. FB5: Facebook’s redesign for a simplified and faster experience.
  40. Facebook Portal: Smart video calling devices for connecting with others.
  41. Facebook Gaming: A platform for gaming content and live streaming.
Facebook Glossary Page

Facebook is a leading social media platform connecting billions worldwide. Users create profiles, share updates, and engage through timelines and news feeds. It offers diverse features, including groups, events, and Marketplace. Businesses leverage Facebook for marketing through pages and ads. The platform’s impact extends to Messenger and various tools enhancing social connectivity.