Pinterest Glossary 2024 

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to discover, save, and share visual content, primarily in the form of images or “pins.” It is often used for inspiration, creating mood boards, or collecting ideas for various interests such as fashion, home decor, recipes, travel, and more.

  1. Pinterest: A visual discovery platform where users discover and save ideas through images, known as pins. (ref.: social media glossary)
  2. Pin: An image or video added to Pinterest.
  3. Board: A collection of related pins organized by a user.
  4. Pinner: A user who shares or saves content on Pinterest.
  5. Repin: Sharing someone else’s pin to one of your boards.
  6. Like: Expressing appreciation for a pin by clicking the heart icon.
  7. Follow: Subscribing to another user’s Pinterest account to see their pins.
  8. Follower: A Pinterest user who subscribes to your account to see your pins.
  9. Following: The list of users whose pins you subscribe to see on your feed.
  10. Pinterest Feed: The collection of pins from users you follow.
  11. Home Feed: The main feed on Pinterest displaying personalized content.
  12. Explore Feed: A section on Pinterest for discovering trending and popular pins.
  13. Rich Pins: Pins that include extra information like pricing, article descriptions, etc.
  14. Group Board: A board on which multiple users can pin and collaborate.
  15. Secret Board: A private board visible only to the creator and collaborators.
  16. Pinterest Profile: A user’s page showcasing their boards and pins.
  17. Pinterest Search: The platform’s search function for discovering pins and boards.
  18. Pinterest Algorithm: Determines the content shown to users based on activity.
  19. Pinterest Analytics: Tools for tracking the performance of your pins.
  20. Promoted Pin: A paid pin used for advertising to reach a broader audience.
  21. Pinterest for Business: Tools and features tailored for business accounts.
  22. Pinterest Badge: A widget linking your website to your Pinterest profile.
  23. Story Pin: A pin format that allows users to create narrative content.
  24. Pinterest Trends: A feature showing popular search terms on Pinterest.
  25. Shop Tab: A section on Pinterest dedicated to shopping and product discovery.
  26. Lens: Pinterest’s visual search tool using images to find related content.
  27. Pinterest Audience Insights: Information about your audience’s preferences.
  28. Pinterest Influencer: A user with a significant following and impact on Pinterest.
  29. Claim Website: Verifying and connecting your website with your Pinterest account.
  30. Rich Pin Types: Different categories of rich pins, such as product or recipe pins.
  31. Pin Code: A scannable code for quick access to your Pinterest profile.
Pinterest Glossary Page

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform where users discover and save ideas through images, known as pins. Users can organize their interests into boards, share content, and explore trending topics. With a focus on inspiration, Pinterest serves as a hub for creativity and personal expression, making it a unique social network for visual discovery and idea curation.