Quora Glossary 2024 

Quora is a question-and-answer platform where users can ask questions on various topics and receive answers from a diverse community. It allows users to follow topics, vote on answers, and engage in discussions. Quora aims to connect people with knowledge and provide a platform for sharing insights and experiences.

  1. Quora: A question-and-answer platform that allows users to ask, answer, and collaborate on questions. (ref.: social media glossary)
  2. Question: An inquiry posted by a user seeking information or opinions from the Quora community.
  3. Answer: A response provided by a user to address a specific question on Quora.
  4. Upvote: The act of indicating approval or agreement with an answer by giving it a positive vote.
  5. Downvote: The opposite of an upvote; a negative vote given to indicate disagreement or dissatisfaction with an answer.
  6. Topic: A category or subject area on Quora, used to organize questions and answers.
  7. Follow: Subscribing to updates from a user, question, or topic to receive notifications about new activity.
  8. Space: A dedicated area on Quora for discussions, questions, and content related to a specific theme or interest.
  9. Quoran: A user or member of the Quora community.
  10. Ask to Answer: Requesting another user to provide an answer to a specific question on Quora.
  11. Credentials: Information about a user’s professional background, education, or expertise displayed on their Quora profile.
  12. Top Writer: A recognition given by Quora to users who consistently provide high-quality answers in specific topics.
  13. Quora Partner Program (QPP): Quora’s program that allows users to earn money by asking great questions.
  14. Digest: A summary email sent by Quora featuring interesting questions and answers from the user’s feed. (ref.: email marketing glossary)
  15. Moderation: The process of monitoring and managing content on Quora to ensure it aligns with community guidelines.
  16. Anonymous: Posting questions or answers on Quora without revealing the user’s identity.
  17. Quora Credits: Virtual currency on Quora used to promote questions, obtain credits for the Quora Partner Program, or unlock additional features.
  18. Spaces Feed: A personalized feed on Quora displaying content from the spaces a user follows.
  19. Notification: Alerts or updates about new activity, responses, or questions on Quora.
  20. Profile: A user’s personal page on Quora where their questions, answers, and activity are displayed.
  21. Share: Distributing a Quora question or answer on external platforms or social media.
  22. Collapse: Hiding or minimizing a lengthy answer on Quora to reduce visual clutter.
  23. Session: The duration of time a user spends actively engaging with Quora during a single visit.
  24. Knowledge Prizes: Incentives or rewards given to users for providing high-quality answers to specific questions.
  25. Embed: Integrating a Quora question or answer into an external website or blog.
  26. Quora Spaces Admin: The administrator of a Quora Space, responsible for managing content and members.
  27. Bio: A brief description or introduction about a user displayed on their Quora profile.
  28. Featured Answer: An answer selected by Quora as particularly noteworthy and showcased on a user’s profile.
  29. Blocking: Preventing a specific user from interacting with or viewing your content on Quora.
  30. Weekly Views: The number of times a user’s content has been viewed by others in a week.
Quora Glossary Page

Quora is a question-and-answer platform where users can ask questions and get answers from a community of knowledgeable individuals. It covers a wide range of topics and allows users to follow topics, people, and specific questions of interest. Quora aims to provide a helpful and informative platform for users to share their knowledge and insights with others.