Snapchat Glossary 2024 

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to send photos and videos that disappear after a short period of time. It also offers features like filters, stickers, and messaging.

  1. Snapchat: A multimedia messaging app for sharing photos and videos. (ref.: social media glossary)
  2. Snap: A photo or video shared on Snapchat.
  3. Snapcode: A unique QR code used for adding friends on Snapchat.
  4. Snapstreak: A consecutive daily exchange of snaps between friends.
  5. Snap Map: A feature allowing users to share their location on a map.
  6. Geofilter: Location-based overlays for snaps.
  7. Snapchat Stories: A collection of snaps played in sequence, visible for 24 hours.
  8. Snapchat Discover: A platform for publishers to share content.
  9. Snapchat Memories: A feature to save and revisit snaps.
  10. Snapchat Spectacles: Sunglasses with an integrated camera for recording snaps.
  11. Snap Map Bitmoji: Personalized avatars indicating a user’s location on the Snap Map.
  12. Snapchat Score: A numeric representation of a user’s Snapchat activity.
  13. Snapchat Filters: Overlays and effects applied to snaps.
  14. Snapchat Lenses: Augmented reality effects for selfies.
  15. Snapchat Trophies: Achievements unlocked by using various features in the app.
  16. Snap Map Actionmoji: Bitmoji representations indicating a user’s activity on the Snap Map.
  17. Snap Originals: Original shows produced by Snapchat.
  18. Snap Games: Multiplayer games integrated into the Snapchat platform.
  19. Snap Kit: Developer tools for integrating Snapchat features into other apps.
  20. Snap Store: Snapchat’s in-app merchandise store.
  21. Snapcash: Former feature allowing users to send money through Snapchat.
  22. Snap Map Status: A custom status message displayed on the Snap Map.
  23. Snap Map Heatmap: Visual representation of popular locations on the Snap Map.
  24. Snap Originals AR: Augmented reality experiences within Snap Originals.
  25. Snapchat Ad Manager: Platform for creating and managing Snapchat ads.
  26. Snap Map Stories: Curated public stories based on locations.
  27. Snap Map Insights: Analytics for businesses using Snap Map.
  28. Snapchat Spotlight: A platform for user-generated short-form videos.
  29. Snapchat Chat 2.0: Enhanced messaging features introduced in an update.
  30. Snap Publisher: A tool for creating vertical video ads on Snapchat.
  31. Snap Kit Creative: A tool for designing custom creative tools on Snapchat.
  32. Snap Originals Docuseries: Documentary-style series produced by Snapchat.
  33. Snap Kit Bitmoji: Integration of Bitmoji into third-party apps.
  34. Snap Map Weather: Weather overlays on the Snap Map.
  35. Snapchat Multi-Snap: Recording and sending multiple snaps in a sequence.
  36. Snap Map Ghost Mode: Privacy setting to hide a user’s location on Snap Map.
  37. Snapchat Lenses Studio: Tool for creating custom augmented reality lenses.
  38. Snap Map Explore: Discovery feature for finding new locations on the Snap Map.
  39. Snap Map Events: Location-based events displayed on the Snap Map.
  40. Snap Games Leaderboard: Ranking of friends based on gameplay in Snap Games.
Snapchat Glossary Page

Snapchat is a popular social media platform that allows users to send and receive photos and videos that disappear after a short period of time. It also offers various features like filters, stickers, and augmented reality effects to enhance the content. With its focus on privacy and self-destructing content, Snapchat has become a popular choice for sharing moments and communicating with friends.