Twitter Glossary 2024 

Twitter is a dynamic microblogging platform enabling users to share thoughts, news, and multimedia content in concise 280-character tweets. With features like retweets, hashtags, and trending topics, it serves as a real-time hub for global conversations, connecting individuals, influencers, and businesses across diverse topics and interests.

  1. Twitter: A microblogging platform where users share short messages called tweets. (ref.: social media glossary)
  2. Tweet: A message posted on Twitter containing text, links, photos, or videos.
  3. Retweet (RT): Sharing someone else’s tweet on your own profile.
  4. Like (Heart): Expressing approval for a tweet by clicking the heart icon.
  5. Follow: Subscribing to receive updates from a specific Twitter account.
  6. Follower: A Twitter user who subscribes to receive your tweets.
  7. Following: The list of accounts whose tweets you subscribe to see on your Twitter feed.
  8. Hashtag (#): A keyword or phrase preceded by the pound sign used to categorize and discover tweets.
  9. Mention (@): Tagging another Twitter user in a tweet using the @ symbol.
  10. DM (Direct Message): A private conversation between two Twitter users.
  11. Timeline: The chronological stream of tweets on a user’s Twitter homepage.
  12. Trending Topics: Popular hashtags or phrases widely discussed on Twitter at a given time.
  13. Twitter Handle: A user’s unique username on Twitter, always preceded by the @ symbol.
  14. Verified Badge: A blue checkmark indicating that an account is authentic and verified.
  15. Lists: Curated groups of Twitter users created by individuals for easier following.
  16. Moment: A curated collection of tweets centered around a specific event or topic.
  17. Thread: A series of connected tweets posted by the same user.
  18. Twitter Chat: A public conversation on Twitter organized around a specific hashtag.
  19. Promoted Tweet: A paid tweet used for advertising to reach a broader audience.
  20. Analytics: Data and statistics about the performance of tweets and Twitter accounts.
  21. Bio: A brief description about yourself or your brand on your Twitter profile.
  22. Pinned Tweet: A tweet chosen by a user to be displayed at the top of their profile.
  23. Polls: Twitter feature allowing users to create and participate in polls.
  24. Explore Tab: A section on Twitter that displays trending topics, moments, and live video.
  25. Periscope: A live video streaming app integrated with Twitter.
  26. Twitter Spaces: Audio chat rooms for hosting live conversations on Twitter.
  27. Quote Tweet: Sharing another tweet with your own commentary.
  28. Fleets: Disappearing tweets similar to Stories on other social media platforms.
  29. Algorithm: Twitter’s algorithm that determines the tweets shown to users based on their activity.
  30. Bio Link: The link provided in a Twitter profile’s bio section.
Twitter Glossary Page

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to post and interact with short messages called tweets. It enables users to stay updated on current events, follow people and organizations of interest, and engage in conversations through hashtags and mentions. With its simplicity and real-time nature, Twitter has become a popular platform for sharing news, opinions, and connecting with a wide audience.